Our Goal


The goals of the Kensoft Education is to provide skill based training to URBAN and masses in rural India so that they can

  • Increase learners’ income.
  • Show the way for expanding the business to new products and services.
  • Increase markets and reach new customers.
  • Improve existing business from a small enterprise to make them big employer, creating new jobs.
  • Desire to acquire additional academic qualifications and fulfil their personal learning goals and further the learning goals of the community, they strive to become facilitators imparting career oriented education.
  • Foster open learning (Sharing new ideas and innovation in classrooms).
  • Promote and support lifelong learning (continuous development).
  • Support intellectual development (credit transfers to Open Universities in future for obtaining degrees/ diplomas, etc).
  • Promote creative thinking for innovations (participation in competitions).
  • Make responsible choices and actions (anti-piracy, data protection, etc).
  • Displaying personal and professional integrity (anti-plagiarism).
  • Demonstrate academic excellence (quality assurance, timely submission of assessments and project work).
  • Respecting dignity and talent of all learners (recognizing diversity of learners and their abilities, safe plural learning environment).
  • Provide inclusive opportunity (accessible and diverse).
  • Promote leadership, service, social justice, entrepreneurship.
  • Take pride in self and community (language, self-esteem, empowerment, with knowledge).