Kensoft Focus


Student Growth

To serve the best educational interests of the students, to offer a comprehensive and flexible curriculum together with programs and services according to diverse and evolving student needs; to treat each other with a sincere, caring attitude and to respond to suggestions and constructive criticism from students; to counsel and advise students to help them plan for and progress toward their individual educational goals; and to recognize outstanding student performance.

Teaching Excellence

To communicate to students a body of knowledge in a creative, stimulating, and challenging manner; to work to establish student and instructor rapport; to maintain the highest standard of professional performance and recognize teaching excellence; to promote the exchange of ideas among colleagues and provide opportunities for professional development; to define for students course goals, objectives and grading standards, making clear the expectation of high achievement; to encourage students to think critically and analytically, applying learned principles, concepts, and skills; and to inspire independence of thought and self-discipline.

Learning Environment

To create an atmosphere in which students and staff find satisfaction in their work and feel pride in achievement; to provide comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing facilities and grounds; to provide and maintain state-of-the-art equipment and ample supplies; to provide programs and support services which are responsive to student and community needs; and actively to support academic and social activities which take place outside the classroom.


To further the Indian traditions of pride, quality, innovation, and professionalism found in educational institutions; to share our heritage by making the Professional Career Training Institute the educational and cultural center of the communities it serves; and to build for the future on the foundations of our past. The most critical area of our work will be to ensure that every individual who is enrolled as a student receives personalized and individualized instruction so that, upon completion, they will be prepared to meet the challenges of an ever changing technologically advanced society and equipped with skills needed to successfully enter or re-enter the workforce. We will place substantial value on diversity and utilize instructional design activities, interaction patterns, behaviors, and expectations that are fair and equitable for all students.